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Create Personal Plan
Your FREE Personal Plan can help you step up to healthy living by helping you set goals for moving more, eating better, stopping smoking and even cutting out second-hand smoke.

Creating a FREE Personal Plan takes just three simple steps:
1 Take Assessment Quiz: To get started, just answer these eight questions about your current level of movement, eating, smoking and second-hand smoke exposure.
2 Set Goals: Based on your assessment quiz answers, we compile your results and suggestions for goal setting.
3 Use Personal Plan Tools: Your Personal Plan Tools are created from the goals you set for yourself. Personal Plan Tools include a Daily Journal you can use online or print out and a Week-End Journal Calculator.
Click here to login to your Personal Plan Tools
Once you’ve set your Personal Plan up, just use your Personal Plan Tools each day and week - until you’ve met your personal goals! Home | Privacy Policy | Link Policy | Accessibility Policy | Security Policy | Michigan News

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